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Which summer sports burn the most calories?

Even if the heat sometimes makes it very difficult, summer is simply the best time of year to do sports outside. Because stuffy fitness rooms are guaranteed not to invite you to exercise at high temperatures. In today’s blog post, we’ll show you which summer sports burn the most calories .


Cycling is a popular sport in Summer. Because short distances that you normally drive by car can be covered by bike in summer. That keeps you fit and exercising in the fresh air also brings you a good mood . Cycling also strengthens the legs and the immune system and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system . However, it is less strenuous and therefore does not burn as many calories as other sports. Depending on the intensity, you burn around 200 calories in this sport in 30 minutes.


Hiking is perfect for beginners or those returning to the sport , because the gentle physical stress protects the joints and improves endurance. The cardiovascular system is also positively influenced. Calorie consumption differs depending on the type of hiking. On average, you burn around 150 kcal in 30 minutes.


Swimming is a real classic among summer sports . In hot temperatures, this sport is of course perfect for cooling off. Especially overweight people and patients with musculoskeletal problems benefit from this sport, as the joints and bones in the water are spared will be. The risk of injury is also very low. Swimming also increases endurance and uses many muscles. Light swimming training consumes around 500 kcal per hour. Would you like to increase your endurance?


The net ball game is a popular sport in summer because it demands all muscles. In addition to good technique , endurance is important here. Badminton is not to be confused with shuttlecock, because with shuttlecock the ball must be kept in play for as long as possible so that the playing partner can easily hit it back. In badminton you try to outsmart your opponent by carefully placing the ball in order to score more points. This sport therefore consumes around 200 kcal per 30 minutes, depending on the intensity.


Tennis is a nice leisure activity that promotes endurance and strength . The frequent sprints and many changes of direction put stress on the legs and calves in particular. But you can also specifically train the arm and shoulder muscles in this ball sport. Furthermore, feeling for the ball and quick reaction are also required. You burn around 250 kcal in 30 minutes.

Stand Up Paddling

Currently, stand up paddling (SUP) is right at the forefront of summer sports. The athlete has a kind of surfboard and a paddle to move around. Stand up paddling is a full body workout , because the upper body, legs and core are promoted by the demands on balance. The speed can be adjusted individually. You can burn around 600 kcal in one hour.


Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is about stamina, speed and strength of particular importance. Above all, the leg and trunk muscles are challenged in order to maintain balance on the soft surface. The arm and shoulder muscles are also very important in this ball sport. A beach volleyball player burns around 500 kcal per hour.

Inline skating

Inline skating is an effective sport to burn many calories in a short time. At moderate speed, about 420 kcal per hour , while fast skating, almost 400 kcal is consumed in 30 minutes! The sport also trains the buttocks, leg and calf muscles and trains coordination .


Jogging is one of the most popular leisure activities in summer . Regular running increases endurance, strengthens the immune system and the cardiovascular system, especially blood circulation. Since you don’t need any special equipment (apart from suitable running shoes), jogging can be integrated into everyday life without much effort. Jogging is very effective for burning a lot of calories in a short amount of time. 30 minutes of jogging at 6km / hour burns about 350 kcal. Short sprints can also be incorporated to promote fat burning even more.

Important for summer sports: Drink a lot, avoid the midday heat, sun protection don’t forget and adapt to the heat with appropriate clothing. Would you like to improve your performance even further? Then grab our sports supplements !


Physically demanding sports generally have a higher calorie consumption. Sports that involve many different muscle groups also burn more calories. For example, beach volleyball consumes more calories than hiking or cycling. It should be noted that calorie consumption also depends on body weight and gender. The above calories are only average values.

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