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How to live a long, high-quality life and stay beautiful

How to live a long quality life and stay beautiful

If you collect the opinions of different people about living a long and quality life, you will find that they all cite a few rules to follow in order to prolong youthfulness. We are talking about people who researched the causes of aging and studied the lifestyle of long-livers. They are gerontological scientists, journalists, doctors of various specialties and devotees of spiritual practices.

A positive outlook on life prolongs youth

There are few areas in the world where people live long and disease-free lives. But even in big cities there are many long-livers, despite the fact that in their lives there was hunger, cold, loss of loved ones, even war. What determines it? It turns out that, first of all, it is a positive outlook on life and on many events, a habit to be content with what is for today and hope for the best. Absence of anger, envy, ability to endure troubles without deep stress and love for loved ones lengthens people’s life.

As a rule, long-livers live close to their children and grandchildren, who surround them with care. But they have also helped their children during their lives. When a person takes care of someone, they forget about their illnesses and they recede.
Those who have become isolated from life by the walls of their flat in old age and do not see anything positive, lose a lot. Even lonely people need to communicate more, find areas of communication, attend clubs for the elderly, which exist in any city.
Movement is life

An active lifestyle is the way to longevity. You don’t have to go to a fitness club to do this. You can do gymnastics at home. Even in a small flat is possible to construct a bar in the doorway and fully exercise at least half an hour in the morning and evening.

It’s a good idea to buy a pedometer or download an app to your smartphone, and walk at least three kilometres every day in all weathers. If that seems boring, you can think of things to do, like visiting a distant shop, or getting a dog and walking it. Don’t use the lift, but take the stairs (walking up the stairs is said to prolong life by several years).
Eat right
Too much has been said about the dangers of smoking. Everybody knows that smoking is associated with a lot of diseases, which reduce the quality of life and shorten life expectancy. But poor diet and lack of exercise can put smokers in competition for the number of ailments.

And here again we can think of the long-livers – people who live in the mountains or on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. They eat fresh meat or fish and seafood, eat mutton or goat homemade cheese, lots of different greens, vegetables and fruits, wholemeal bread or fresh pita bread from tandoor. They also do a lot of work in the garden or in the garden, or herding sheep. So this is their normal way of life. There are no sugary sodas or fast food where they live.

You can have a full-fledged meal in the city as well. You don’t have to starve yourself to eat properly. If you start your lunch with a big salad, you won’t be able to eat much of the second course. You should get used to small portions of food and get up from the table when your stomach is 80% full. The main meal should be in the first half of the day. This is necessary in order not to put on unnecessary weight and to have a restful sleep.

Scientists know from studies that red wine relieves stress and prolongs life. But it should be drunk in small quantities (1 glass) and every day.

Good sleep is a guarantee of health

You have to accustom yourself to a normal sleep habits since early age, so that you will not suffer from insomnia in old age. Long-livers usually go to bed at sunset and get up as soon as the sun rises. One should not stay up late watching TV or doing urgent work. Gradually it may become a habit which is difficult to get rid of and can only be detrimental to health.

But during the day you should also be able to create ‘silence breaks’ so that you can get your mind off things and not think about anything. You can take this time to smell the flowers, listen to the birds singing or look at a beautiful painting. This helps you cope more easily with stress, which often causes chronic diseases.

Uninterrupted brain activity keeps you young

Scientists have shown that mental work helps offset the inevitable loss of nerve cells in old age, and boosts the work of those that remain. This is proven by discoveries of famous scientists, works of great writers (Tolstoy, Goethe, Voltaire, Sophocles), famous artists (Repin, Aivazovsky), which they created after the age of 80. These examples are numerous and about our contemporaries.

It is important not to be frightened by the fact that the intellectual capacity fades and the memory goes down. Without active work, the brain grows decrepit, just like the muscles. That is why you should load it up by studying foreign languages, by any creative work, at least by writing memoirs or, for example, by studying the computer.

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