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Losing weight after pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy
Being overweight after childbirth is often a personal tragedy for women. There may be several reasons why the weight gain does not go away, but rather increases in the months after birth.

Postpartum period

It takes 2-3 months for the ovaries to recover and for the hormones to stabilise. Sometimes this period lasts for up to six months. Lack of vitamins and minerals, stress, sleep deprivation and many other factors may affect it. The woman has too much on her mind at first to pay attention to herself. She has to get used to breastfeeding, deal with stagnant milk in the breasts and cracked nipples, manage the baby (feeding, handling everything that needs to be done) and do the housework – all this is a burden on the mother, who has not yet recovered from the birth of the baby.

When everything is back to normal, the woman gets her first stress when she sees herself in the mirror without a free dressing gown. A simple situation: guests arrive to celebrate the birth of the baby. The woman discovers she can’t fit into any dress. The mood drops and there’s no desire to go shopping because you’ll have to buy two sizes bigger.

Unfortunately, this story is quite common. But if you get depressed, you might gain a few more kilos because you usually put yourself in a better mood by eating more food.

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Advice from a doctor

What to do about the weight? First of all you should visit an endocrinologist and check your hormonal balance.

It can turn out that a lot of time has been wasted. It is precisely in the postpartum period is recommended to establish a diet regime, and not to eat “for two”, as is often advised by new grandmothers. Especially if the problem of being overweight after childbirth is passed on from generation to generation.

Doctors recommend a system of healthy eating habits during pregnancy, but it is never too late to get rid of gained weight. If there are any medical findings, you should follow your doctor’s advice and stick to a diet that will help you gradually return to normal.

Important: under no circumstances should she go on any kind of diet or take any food supplements. The mother’s diet should be balanced, without unloading days. If the baby is allergic to certain foods, you will still have to give them up.
What to eat?
The menu should include animal protein, and with iron deficiency anemia – red meat 2-3 times a week and beef liver. Leafy vegetables and herbs regulate the metabolism well, they contain many vitamins and trace elements and are low in calories. Apart from milk, dairy products (kefir, yoghurt and cottage cheese) should be included in the diet. Cereals and dark bread, which are rich in vitamin B, should be eaten in the morning.

Unsweetened fruit and berries are a source of vitamins, pectin and antioxidants, they stimulate the intestinal function and support the immune system. Nuts and dried fruit are good for snacking.

Eat small meals, 4-5 times a day, and remember to rest during the hours your child sleeps. Sleep plays a big part in weight loss.

You can also use the calorie counter: you can eat a maximum of 2000 kcal per day (500-600 of these are consumed during the breastfeeding period).


You still have to move, because you need to walk with the baby several times a day, as well as dressing and undressing – this is also movement. You need to walk with the pram at a good pace, changing routes and not sitting on a bench. But if you want to get rid of the extra pounds faster, you can add gymnastics and dancing to your walks. Six to eight weeks after labour it is permissible to do abdominal muscles. With a caesarean section, this period increases to 3 months.

You can do gymnastics together with your baby by putting him on your chest. This will also be interesting for the baby.

Slimming wraps

The easiest procedure you can do at home to get rid of abdominal fat is a clay belly wrap. You can buy clay at the drugstore, dilute it with water and put it on the problem areas. Then cover with plastic film (to create a “greenhouse” effect), lie on the sofa with a blanket for 10 minutes until the clay dries. Then rinse it off. Do this 2-3 times a week.

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