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Maca – small tuber, big effect

The aphrodisiac effect of Maca has been known for a long time. Even the Incas used the root as a medicinal plant . You can find out the positive effects of Maca and everything about our new product Maca 8000 in our blog post today.

What is Maca?

The Maca plant (botanical: Lepidium meyenii) belongs to the cress genus in the cruciferous family. The plant has been grown in the Peruvian Andes at altitudes of around 4,000 meters for over 2,000 years. Maca is therefore very resilient, as it has to withstand extreme weather conditions there.

In Peru, the root is used both as a food and medicinal plant. The dried tuber powder is used for the healing effects. Even the Incas used the Maca plant for medicinal purposes , for example as a aphrodisiac.

The maca tuber comes in different color variations . The color ranges from purple, black to cream and yellow. The roots taste nutty and earthy.


Maca has a high nutrient density . The root therefore contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, fiber and plenty of proteins . The dried tuber contains up to 16% protein and is rich in essential amino acids .

In addition, the dried tuber contains 59% carbohydrates, 2.2 Contains% fats and 8.5% fiber. The fatty acids are mainly represented in the form of linoleic and palmitic acid. Also a high number of omega-3 fatty acids are part of the tuber.

The roots are rich in magnesium, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, copper and selenium. Selenium in particular is present in very high quantities. Selenium has antioxidant effects and protects the body from free radicals and oxidative stress. Together with vitamin C, selenium is responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of maca. In addition, selenium is involved in the functioning of the thyroid gland and leads to normal sperm production. There is also 16.6 mg iron in 100 g of dried root. Thus, 100 g of maca roots ensure the daily need for iron.

The amino acids leucine, arginine, phenylalanine, lysine, tyrosine, alanine, valine, isoleucine, histidine, serine and aspartic acid are also available in large quantities .

It also contains various secondary plant substances . Dried Maca contains 0.5 to 2% glucosinolates and polyphenols as well as mustard oil glycosides . Mustard oil glycosides are natural defense substances and have an antibacterial effect in the human body. It also contains plant sterols (phytosterols) , these are primarily β-sitosterol, campesterol and ergosterol.

Effects of Maca

The effect of the Maca plant is very diverse . Among other things, it should have an aphrodisiac, potency-increasing and mood-improving effect and strengthen the immune system .

The tuber is already used as an immune stimulator in Peruvian herbal medicine; But it is also used for anemia, menstrual and digestive disorders, menopause symptoms, cancer, reproductive and sexual disorders, and concentration disorders.


The small tuber was already used as an aphrodisiac in the time of the Incas. A 2008 study by Dording et al. studied the effects of maca powder on libido. For this purpose, subjects were selected who had suffered from a decreased libido for a long time. During the test period, the test subjects received both 1.5 g in one group and 3 g of maca powder in the other group daily. After ingestion, it was found that maca had a positive effect on libido from concentrations of 3 g daily and that sexual dysfunctions were alleviated in the study participants. A study carried out in 2015 also showed similar results.



As early as 1961, researchers discovered that Maca was responsible for fertility Rats increased. For this reason, tests on mice and rats were repeatedly carried out after this study. However, the exact mechanism of action was not described in the studies carried out. Root supplementation in men leads to larger sperm, higher sperm count and better sperm motility with an intake of 1.5 g per day.

The beneficial effects of the tuber on fertility are likely due to the micronutrients and proteins it contains. Amino acids are necessary to make neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine, which play a role in signaling in the nervous system and in sexual arousal. Important amino acids in this context are phenylalanine, tyrosine and histidine , which are present in large quantities in the roots. The high concentrations of arginine also play an important role in increasing male potency. Arginine is necessary for the formation of nitric oxide, which leads to vasodilation. You can read everything about arginine and its effects on potency problems here .


A 2008 study by Brooks et al. showed that in concentrations of 3.5 g daily, the root can reduce psychological symptoms such as anxiety and also reduce sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women. The results of the study were not dependent on estrogen activity!

Performance and immune system

Maca is also said to have a positive effect on tiredness and exhaustion. People suffering from chronic fatigue reported increased vitality in everyday life after supplementation with Maca powder. This effect is likely due to the fact that maca improves blood circulation . This is particularly interesting for athletes to get the best out of themselves when doing sports. Regeneration can also be improved because the muscles can be supplied with oxygen and nutrients more quickly.

The antioxidants contained also have a supporting effect on the immune system .

Cholesterol level

The tuber contains many plant sterols. These are similar in structure to animal cholesterol, but in contrast have a positive effect on the cholesterol level . They lead to a decreased cholesterol absorption in the intestine. This results in a slight reduction in LDL cholesterol , i.e. the “bad cholesterol”.

New product: Maca 8000

Our high-dose capsules consist of a 20: 1 extract from the powder of the natural Maca root . It is 100% vegetable , well tolerated and without soy or gluten. The product was developed in Germany under the strictest quality standards.

Which dosage makes sense?

The optimal effects of Maca are achieved when studies have shown that 3-8 grams of powder are consumed daily. Our new product Maca 8000 contains a total content of 8000 mg natural maca powder and is therefore the ideal dosage to achieve the best possible effects.

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