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Start changing yourself with daily 15-minute workouts

Start changing yourself with daily 15-minute workouts

Start changing yourself with a daily 15-minute workout
People talk and write about the benefits of exercise, advertisements on TV and the internet shout, huge billboards on city streets urge to attend fitness training. None of this gets your attention until you’re motivated to change your life. But how do you get yourself to work out at a fitness centre if you don’t want to go to a stuffy room that smells of other people’s bodies? And there’s no desire to put yourself to shame either, when you don’t know how to get to the gym.

There is a solution. You have to start exercising at home, first for 7-10 minutes, then gradually add more. The easiest way to do exercise is to do it in the morning on an empty stomach. You can use a set of exercises that are available on the Internet, or remember the exercises you know from school. It is best to do exercises to music, but if you are used to watching a TV programme or listening to a podcast in the morning, don’t deprive yourself of it.

If simple exercises seem boring, you can try Pilates or yoga for beginners. In Pilates there is no need to use force as all movements are slow and fluid. But because deep muscles are involved, joint mobility is increased and the body is invigorated for the day. Another advantage is that this kind of home gymnastics does not require heavy equipment – at first you only need a belt for good stretching.

Yoga is a whole philosophy. If you start small, you’ll want to start doing more advanced yoga routines, you’ll want to switch to a specific kind of yoga diet or practice meditation. Yoga is a very popular current now, full of all kinds of practices. And this may be the reason why it’s attracting more and more people.

Any proper exercise starts with a stretching and a warm-up to warm up the muscles. Maybe after that 15 minutes of stretching is enough? That’s enough to get you through the day without getting tired. Stretching is the most enjoyable part of the workout. It’s especially useful for people with sedentary jobs. There are many enthusiasts who want to do the splits. There’s nothing supernatural about it, as long as one does it wisely and doesn’t rush things. But for office workers it’s enough to master the half-ties.

If you’re doing it at home, you don’t need any special outfits. Only sports underwear, which you are wearing, should be made of fabric that lets the air pass through.

Gradually you will get used to morning exercises, and you will want to complicate them or add a power load. However, trainers recommend allotting 15 minutes for morning exercises and not overloading yourself with repetitions, so as not to get tired before the working day. In the end, there’s nothing stopping you from working out in the evenings when you’ve got into your routine and a desire to keep going.

Going to the gym is a great way to exercise. But if you don’t like it there, you can take advantage of the space around you that is suitable for a workout. For instance, it might be a good idea to take the stairs instead of the lift, or ride a bike to the shop instead of taking the car. If you like swimming, you can buy a season ticket and go to the swimming pool regularly. Evening walks in the evening are also very useful.

Gradually, sports will become a part of your life. You will change not only your body, but also your whole body. Exercise is good for your brain, your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, it strengthens your musculoskeletal system and gives you a sense of confidence. Your psyche will resist the stressful situations that are hard to avoid in life, including premature ageing, excess weight, and a whole host of diseases.

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