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10 tips for your summer figure

Are you still looking for your summer figure? Have you already done one or the other diet and still not lost weight?

Losing weight is not easy and can often be frustrating when the starved pounds end up back where they were before after a short time. This so-called jojo effect occurs when we have consumed very few calories over a short period of time and then fall back into old eating patterns after the diet.

Successfully losing weight looks different: If you want to maintain your weight in the long term, you have to change your diet and change some lifestyle habits. That sounds difficult at first, but you will notice that after a short time you will feel much fitter and more productive!

We’ll tell you 10 tips How to achieve your goal Sommerfigur permanently.

1. Set small goals and cross out unrealistic ideas

We know all lightning diets in which you should lose 10 kg of body weight in just four weeks. Such weight loss is extremely unhealthy for your body and cannot be sustained in the long run. Although you lose weight in a short time, your body does not provide your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs.

Set yourself realistic goals: A weight loss of about 0.5 to a maximum of 1 kg per week .

2. Do not put up bans

Of course we are all aware that unhealthy foods such as finished products are not beneficial for our body and especially for weight loss. But there is no point in constantly imposing strict prohibitions on your body. This only leads to food cravings occurring quickly. Of course, you should limit your consumption of finished products and sweets as much as possible, but just consider chocolate and chips to be something special, because small portions are definitely allowed: the amount matters!

3. Eating a balanced diet

One of the most important points when losing weight is nutrition . Because only those who change their diet and eat a healthy and balanced diet can maintain their weight. Above all, lots of vegetables and fruit, grain products , protein and low-fat products are important. Vegetables and fruits have a high nutrient density with few calories consisting of vitamins and other important nutrients. The contained fiber swell up in the stomach and thus lead to a faster satiety. Fruit and vegetables should therefore not be missing on your menu: The German Nutrition Society recommends an intake of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

Also Proteins fill you up faster. Protein is an important component, especially when losing weight: Proteins ensure that your muscles are maintained and are not broken down. Our protein powders are great for providing you with optimal protein.

4. Preventing food cravings

food cravings can hinder your weight loss. They can never be completely avoided, but they can be prevented. As mentioned above, it is advantageous to consume foods that will keep you full for a long time. Such foods only slightly increase your blood sugar level and thereby reduce the risk of food cravings. If the hunger does not go away, however, it is always a good idea to have an emergency snack such as an apple or our V-Bar protein bar with you. Eating regularly also prevents such attacks.


5. Eat slowly

With every meal you should make sure that you take your time while eating and that you chew every bite well. Because it takes up to 20 minutes for your body to send a saturation signal to your brain. When eating quickly, it can therefore happen that you ingest more than you actually need. This can especially happen in stressful situations or while watching TV.

6. Sufficient fluids

As you probably know, a daily intake of at least 1.5 liters is very important for your body. The fluid intake ensures that the kidneys can excrete harmful substances in the urine. In addition, researchers found that two glasses of water before meals ensure that the stomach is filled faster and the feeling of satiety occurs earlier. The decisive factor, however, is the form in which the liquid is absorbed: water and unsweetened teas are best. Our Nutri-Plus Kilopurzler can also help you to eat less, because the fiber (glucomannan) it contains swells up in the stomach and becomes one lead to faster satiety.

alcohol should be removed from your eating plan, because alcohol only provides you with “empty” calories. This means that if you are high in calories, you are not consuming any essential nutrients. Exceptions are of course allowed, such as a glass of sparkling wine to toast on special occasions.

7. Sports activities

If you want to lose weight permanently, you can’t avoid sport . As the activity increases, the body uses up calories. About two to three times strength or endurance training per week will help you maintain your weight in the long term. To do this, choose a sport that you enjoy and set fixed dates for the sport during the week. Suitable sports include jogging, swimming, cycling or yoga.

8. Integrating exercise into everyday life

If you do not manage to exercise regularly during the week, then you can make your everyday life a little more active. For example, shopping can be done on foot or by bike. You reduce stress, you are in the fresh air and you also protect the environment. Also make sure that you regularly plan for short walks and that you prefer the stairs instead of escalators or elevators.

9. Reduce stress

Stress is closely related to nutrition : If you have a lot of stress, he often tends to eat more and put on pounds quickly. In addition, there is often no time nowadays to cook yourself. Lunch is often bought at the bakery or at the nearest fast food stall. That is why it is important to take time to eat and take a deep breath in between. stretching exercises at home or in the office are also beneficial to relieve stress.

10. Sufficient sleep

Sufficient sleep of about 7 to 8 hours is particularly helpful when losing weight. Because a good sleep means that your body can regenerate overnight and collect new energy for the next day. This gives you a lot of power during the day. In addition, various studies have shown that sleep-deprived people tend to eat more during the day and consequently gain more weight. Do you sleep poorly or not through the night? Then we have here the solution.

PS: But we have another tip to get closer to your goal of summer figure: the Nutri-Plus kilo short shakes . A drink with a few calories that provides you with all the nutrients you need and at the same time makes you feel full.

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