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Tips for a relaxed Christmas season

Christmas is just around the corner and the preparations for the holidays are in full swing. Buying gifts and getting the Christmas tree quickly between visits to the Christmas market and Christmas parties – for many, the contemplative Christmas season is pure stress .

Especially the crowd in the shops, inner cities and Christmas markets is annoying and loud a FORSA survey on behalf of the KKH commercial health insurance fund stress factor number one during the Christmas season. In second and third place are the constant temptation with sweets and other delicacies as well as the search for the right Christmas present.

Unfortunately, Christmas usually offers little rest and relaxation. Cooking for hours, family quarrels or disappointed faces while unwrapping presents can cloud the festive mood.

Less stress in the Christmas season

With our tips you can manage the stress Reduce the Christmas season and spend the holidays calmly and relaxed.

Get out of the gift madness

Nowhere is it so easy to save time and excitement avoid, like when buying gifts. Those who get the gifts earlier or already know what they want to give can avoid the rush in the shops. Even more relaxed: Forego gifts . We live in abundance and consume all year round. Actually, you could do without presents at Christmas. Instead, you might prefer to support a joint donation project. For those who do not want to completely do without the giving of presents, an imp is suitable.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

The most creative table decorations, the most delicious five-course menu and the most beautiful Christmas tree: For many, Christmas is the time of superlatives. But perfectionism puts you under enormous pressure and creates a lot of stress. Cross out superlatives from your vocabulary. The good times with loved ones will be remembered and not the Christmas tree or the table decorations. To reduce stress, it also helps to delegate tasks to other family members. So z. For example, everyone can prepare a part of the Christmas menu or they cook together.

Less social commitments

It is not uncommon for the Advent season to be scheduled as early as the beginning of November the closer the festival gets, the less time there is to take a deep breath. So think about which pre-Christmas commitments you want to take part in and decline all other activities . Incidentally, this also applies to social media. The constant messages, Christmas greetings and video messages represent an enormous stress factor. Therefore, during the Christmas season, put the smartphone aside more often or just look at it at certain times.

Treat yourself to enough time out

Make sure that your calendar does not only contain Christmas parties and to-do lists, but also plan enough space for relaxation . The constant stress is not only stressful for your psyche, but also has a negative effect on your immune system, your weight and your muscle growth.


Vegan Christmas?

Christmas is often a particular challenge for vegans. Well-established habits and family traditions often leave little room for new things. In particular, the banquet and gifts are therefore a frequent point of conflict. It is best to clarify early enough what is on the table for Christmas and consider vegan alternatives. The family may be open to a vegan menu or at least a vegan starter and / or dessert. Delicious plant-based recipe ideas are available at ProVeg or PETA, for example.

In order to avoid non-vegan gifts, it helps to express specific wishes before the party. If that doesn’t help, politely ask if you can exchange the gift. Even if it is difficult: Christmas is not the right time to convince the family of a vegan lifestyle. Avoid discussions and simply smile away from stupid comments. If that doesn’t help, here are a few SOS tips for inner peace and serenity.

For a relaxed party: Our SOS tips

  • Make positive thoughts, e.g. B. “I don’t take this personally”
  • Take a deep breath and count to 10 inside
  • When emotions boil and anger is in the air, only one thing helps: Leave the situation. A sports session or a walk in the fresh air help to let off steam and stay calm.
  • Relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga are good ways to switch off and find peace. Simply concentrate on your breath for 5 to 10 minutes and let all your thoughts go by.
  • Don’t settle outstanding bills at Christmas! If you find it difficult to come to terms with the past, you should seek a clarifying conversation after the holidays.

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